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National 5 Biology

There are a number of resources available for each section.

IMPORTANT - If using Windows 7 a pop-up may appear asking you to "Allow Blocked Content". You must allow this for a lot of these exercises to be interactive!!
Matching Exercises. These allow you to match important words with their definition.
Crosswords. These allow you to fill in the crossword puzzle and have it marked.
Revision tests. These allow you to test your knowledge of the section.
Slide Shows. These allow you to study the topic using the teacher presentations.
Home Learning tasks. These are handed out in class, but also found here.
Interactive Wordsearches. These contain important words from this topic.
Printable Wordsearches. You can print these wordsearches and then do them at your leisure.

Cell Biology

Cell Structure
Transport across membranes
Producing new cells

DNA and protein production

Proteins and Enzymes
Genetic Engineering


Multicellular Organisms
Cells, Tissues & Organs
Stem Cells & Meristems
Control & Communication


Variation & Inheritance
Transport in Plants
Animal Transport & Exchange Systems

Effects of Lifestyle Choice




Coming Soon - I hope!

All the materials on this website are produced by one person who works in a one Biology-teacher school, so please bear with me while I prepare these materials. You may find this hard to believe, but they do take up a lot of my time and they are free to use. It would alarm you how many people criticise them! As always, if you find any errors, please contact me and I will fix them, and if you fancy helping me with any of these materials, please feel free to volunteer your services. All help gratefully welcomed.