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Intermediate 2 Biology

There are a number of resources available for each section.

Crosswords. These allow you to fill in the crossword puzzle and have it marked.
Cloze tests. These allow you to complete sentences using words from a drop down list.
Slide Shows. These allow you to study the topic using the teacher presentations. (They are not complete yet BUT WILL BE HERE SOON.)
Drag & Drop exercises. These allow you to drag the box with the definition next to the word you think it defines. Each time you open the exercise you should get different words.
Matching Exercises. These allow you to match the correct word with its meaning.
Prelim practice.

Unit 1 – Living Cells

1. Structure & Function of Cells
2. Diffusion & Osmosis
3. Enzyme Action
4. Respiration

5. Photosynthesis

Unit 2 – Environmental Biology & Genetics

6. Energy Flow

7. Factors affecting the variety of species in an ecosystem
8. Factors affecting variety in a species
9. Genotype & Phenotype
10. Applied Genetics
Unit 3 – Animal Physiology
11. Mammalian Nutrition
12. Control of the Internal Environment
13. Circulation & Gas Exchange
14. Blood
15. Brain & Nervous System